The Burgundy Zine Issue #1: More Money, First Issues was released on Jan. 28

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What in the World Wednesdays #1: the First Week of the New Year

It’s barely Wednesday, the second day of 2019, and there is already much to discuss. From Elizabeth Warren announcing her highly anticipated candidacy for the United States Presidential Election in 2020 to what shows and movies you can expect to hit Netflix this month, The Burgundy Zine‘s got you covered.

The U.S. Government Shutdown: A Two-Week Recap

Going on day 14, the United States government has officially operated under a partial shutdown since last year, taking place quite inconveniently before Christmas.

What to Expect During an Endoscopy

An Upper Endoscopy, also referred to as an EGD, is a common medical procedure in which a small camera and light (known as an endoscope) are used to take a look at the upper gastrointestinal tract – your esophagus, stomach, as well as your small intestine.

Tune-In Tuesdays #1: Kweku Collins Rocks the Stage at the Fillmore Philadelphia

Welcome to the first ever installment of Tune-In Tuesdays! This week, I will be publishing a college-essay I had turned in on a Kweku Collins’ concert I had attended in Nov. 2018.

The U.S. Government Shutdown: A Three-Week Recap

Well… here we are. As promised, the 21st day of the partial U.S. government shutdown calls for a three-week recap. The shutdown remains out of sight yet weighs heavy on our minds, with tensions continuing to rise on either side of the isle.

The Downfall of Department Stores

The same department stores that shaped consumerism as we know it today are failing to evolve with the market. Big names such as Macy’sJ.C. Penney, and Sears have been forced to close their doors across the country. Not to mention their stocks haven’t been worth more than mere pocket change in years.

The U.S. Government Shutdown: A One-Month Recap

One month down, how many more to go? Here is everything you need to know about the first month of the longest United States government shutdown in history.

CBS Refuses to Air Cannabis Advertisement During the Super Bowl

Acreage Holdings, the US-based cannabis company, offered $5 million to air their advertisement during the 2019 Super Bowl, which was rejected by CBS.