Dear America, Notes of an Undocumented Citizen

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Penny Bear

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Cheers to 2019

XtaSeay and Burgundy Bug holding hands

Source: Plant Pals

2018 has been an absolute pleasure and I am incredibly excited for everything that awaits in the upcoming year. Thank you for a wonderful 2018 and cheers to 2019!

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Calling all Creators!

The Burgundy Zine

Source: The Burgundy Zine

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The Dead Room – Robert Ellis

The Dead Room by Robert Ellis

The Dead Room – An Informal Review

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Zumiez Stash 2017 “Design Me” Couch Contest

My submission for Zumiez Stash 2017 Couch Contest

Original Art | Zumiez Stash

Around this time last year, the American multinational brand and staple within the skate boarding community, Zumiez, held a couch design contest through their rewards program, Zumiez Stash.

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How to Kick Ass During Finals Week

Abandoned Schoolhouse

May 2018

Are you ready for finals week? … What was that? The sound of crickets chirping before an inevitable existential crisis ensues? You’re not alone. Keep reading for a few tips from a fellow college student on how to kick ass during finals week. 

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November 2018 // HIGHLIGHTS

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