Leafy Profile of XtaSeay

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Brooklyn Feat. XtaSeay

Check out XtaSeay on iTunes!

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Supreme Elijahwon at Saxby’s

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Supreme Elijahwon at Saxby’s to discuss his experiences performing and what’s next for him as an artist.

Head on over to The Burgundy Zine to read the interview!

Source: Tune-In Tuesdays #8: Self Expression, Fake Love, and Performing with Supreme Elijahwon | The Burgundy Zine
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Hook Stu by XtaSeay on BeatStars

Hook Stu by XtaSeay

Source: Hook Stu | Beat Stars

You can purchase Hook Stu by XtaSeay on BeatStars for just $15 – what a steal!

If you are interested in commissioning XtaSeay for a custom beat, please contact him on Instagram.

Throwback Thursdays #3: BACKSPACE pt. 2