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Rose Doodles

Lofi Room


Up Close & Personal

One year ago today, I attended my college orientation and got lucky enough to have my gaze fall upon a gentle gentleman with really nice hands in an “artist’s hat” that wasn’t actually an artist’s hat. Fast forward through a couple months of little Snapchat videos and journals brimming with doodles and poems centered around the butterflies that infested my chest every time he so much as looked at me (let alone flash me that million dollar smile or – gasp, a hug) only to find ourselves entangled in one another’s worlds before becoming my universe. Fated only to grow stronger and bloom beautifully more and more with every passing today, here’s to another year my dear.

Pink Roses 02

Watercolor Comix #1 – “Sleep Talking”


Street Lights

Birthday 2018 pt. I // HIGHLIGHTS

Starring: X & V


Birthday 2018 pt. II // HIGHLIGHTS

Starring: X & V




My Brain 01 // 8.23.18


Sketchbook Tour // August – September 2018


Songs of the Month // August 2018

You are my million dollar dime. – XtaSeay