stop motion but i’m still goin,

motion this notion evoke emotion,

emojis emoted,



captivated by snow caps and snapbacks,

snapbacks & snapchats,

sappy snap happy happily yappin’ ’bout what’s happenin,

fadin’, sleepy?

nah, wired by how inspired i feel i ain’t noddin’ off,

maybe signing off,

awfully often a technophobe,

phone fears? or do i just long for the years of britney spears,

listen here,

listen up up and up to my lyrical spit up up and up ’bout nostalgia;

member berries and rose tinted glasses,

let memories pass,

pass, exist in the moment,

don’t get too caught up in the sentiment,

otherwise perspectives get projected,

keep your point of view protected; don’t reflect it,

ha, sorta funny when you consider,

how i’m bashin’ introspection with a passion yet deflectin’ that this picture’s from the past,

last… last summer, sunny, warm,

long for tumalo’s whirling whimsical waterfalls,

these pictures got me riddled with awe.