adam’s apple rots while eve seeks shelter in leaves, under trees,
i’m just tryna march along, spring into things, please,
i smoke in an attempt to turn goliath into mice,
i smoke and if only for a moment everything seems pretty nice,
i’m not cross, i’m not made of wood and nails,
i’m not cross, just hunched over plastic pails,
bailin’ on my self in lieu of arbitrary deadlines,
biting my tongue while writing another punchy headline,
i swear my head’s fine, just need to catch some sleep,
i swear i’m fine, just need a moment to breathe,
c02 rises all around me,
changing like the climate, i’m weathering the extremes,
racking my brain like newton, i’m just tryna make sense of things,
adam’s apple rots and hits newton on his head,
i lay down to rest, catch another day in bed,
eve seeks shelter in leaves, under trees,
i build towers out of blankets, sleepin’ on all my basic needs.

Source: songs of the month – mar 2019 | burgundy bug


Source: Apple Doodle