leaves are changing,

seasons rearranging,

delayed reactions,

positive transactions,

and i’ve been actin’ real good,

i’ve been feel real great,

got this cheesy little smile spread up all across my face,

it doesn’t feel so out of place,

i’ve been keeping with the pace,

leaves are changing,

this body’s no longer breaking,

days are getting shorter,

sun down is creeping closer,

though i’ve been stickin’ around longer,

i’ve been feelin’ taller,

tic tacin tip toein walky-talky,

leggy conversations,

i look to you for inspiration,

i look to you and feel in place and,

i look to you to learn of patience,

i look to you

leaves are changing,

warm hues,

anti blues,

i’ve been reportin’ on the news,

i’ve been keepin’ with the pace,

i look to you and i feel i’m in my place,

fingers grace and interlock,

and key you hold within thy,

please just keep on holdin’ me,

i look to you to feel whole,

i look to you to keep this world from seeming dull,

i look to you


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