Mixed Beats – XtaSeay

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Hook Stu (Instrumental Beat) Prod. XtaSeay

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Songs of the Month // March 2018

despite snow storms, 
we stay warm, 
we stand tall, 
despite how you’ve made me fall, 
aww, crumble, 
bumble abuzz with awe,
mumble all full of fuzz, 
fuzzy headed, deeply embedded, 
in bed is where i wanna stay, 
i could lay here all day, i could stay here all day with you, 
just playin’ with you, 
just makin’ music with you, 
just amusin’ you, 
and you’re enthusin’ me, too,

despite snow storms and bee swarms, 
assignments due, all the shit to do, 
we get it done and just kick it, too, 
just kick it, too, 
now the weather’s gettin’ better, 
but i’m still interested in wearing you like my favorite sweater, 
don’t sweat time, we got tons of it, 
but it never seems long enough, 
ruff ruff got your dog jealous, 
zealous, a me amore, 
he’s barkin’ at the door ’cause i’ve got you tangled in adoration, 
shared aspirations and makin’ it happen, 
how did this happen, how did this come to be, 
before you i could barely see, now i can barely breathe,

breathless, stress less, i’ve let loose, 
struttin’ my stuff, pass that goose juice, 
juicebox me up while you beat box it out, 
mutter lullabies while the lights are out, 
while my eyes dim despite the sun’s shine, 
don’t need the solar ’cause you’ve got a hold over, over me,
float over and above me, i can feel your love, seay


Model: Hoss (XtaSeay‘s dog)



Songs of the Month // February 2018

blarin’ instrumentals,
barkin’, bitin’, recitin’ what’s on my mental,
meant to repent to repeal to reveal how i really feel,
shoot i don’t even know what’s really concealed,
open up pandora’s box when i spit it, trip it,
rap so fast i get tongue twisted, flip it,
playin’ lyrical twister with my mister as i remain a mystery to myself,
word bank, rich w/ ideas that keep me from quittin’ it,
kitten, purr purr purrfect, cuddly cozy,
cheek’s are rosey, hormone’s oxytocin,
pep washin’ over me in tides when we lock eyes,
dopamine? you’re dope, i mean,
serotonin, adrenaline, but we stay chillin’,
illin’, baller,
aww your,
so sweet, so neat,
so c’mon let’s lay down another funky beat,
beatin’ hearts conduct their own rhythm,
i’m singin’ outta key now,
slowly losin’ the illusion of perfect harmony with these piano keys, ow,
voice cracks as my consciousness slips,
slippin’ slidin’ off to a dream,
seamless, easy to confuse the two realities when you reside behind my eyelids,

so c’mon, freestyle awhile,
smilin’ for awhile and,
shoutin’ out rolled down windows, what’s good?
goodly gobbledygook, ook,
ah ha ha, now i’m just playin’ round with these lines,
playin’ ’round, well rounded,
feeling grounded, feeling sound and,
feeling you, feelin’ this playlist, too,
play it w/ me, play w/ me, stay w/ me


xo v day 2018 xo

from late night walks to rose colors, 
vibrant, you vibrate vibes like no other, 
other shades and hues fuse,
dull, monochromatic, often unimaginative blues, 
blew me away only to pull me draw me in closer, 
close your eyes or let your gaze stay, 
stay, please stay for days,
days seem to blend, 
mix mix mister mister mix mix,
kick it kick it, sweet as pixie stix, stable, secure, and familiar as white picket fences,
calculate expenses, 
checkin check out checkin out checkin accounts, 
accounting for, 
moving forward,
onward we go, 
where will we go,
explore with me, 
irrevocably and unconditionally i adore thy