Songs of the Month // October 2019

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Markus at WCU Open Mic Night // 2.7.19

Markus wows the crowd with a very heartfelt poem.

Source: Markus at WCU’s Open Mic Night (2.7.19) | Penelope Peru Photography P³
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Early Bird

early bird,

what’s the word?

chirp chirp,

barely heard,

hurdling – nah, soarin,

not snorin despite it bein’ early mornin,

mournin’ night skies, dim the lights in favor of the sun right,

sunlight, sun rays,

off four days plus two so we – as in me plus you – been goin off for days,

double trouble in their own little bubble hey,

chirp chirp,

what’s the dirt?

earth & worms,

wigglin’ wrigley’s gum – gummy,

got butterflies all up in my tummy,

as we grow chummy,

as we grow,

i soar, you blossom,

this is not a time for laying down and playing and possum,

pause, um,

i need a moment to scan my mental dictionary,

inspired, transcribe my ideas through imagery,

imagining, i’m drifting as i’m sifting through these images,

chirp chirp