4.4.18 // Behind the Scenes

Model: XtaSeay

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xo v day 2018 xo

from late night walks to rose colors, 
vibrant, you vibrate vibes like no other, 
other shades and hues fuse,
dull, monochromatic, often unimaginative blues, 
blew me away only to pull me draw me in closer, 
close your eyes or let your gaze stay, 
stay, please stay for days,
days seem to blend, 
mix mix mister mister mix mix,
kick it kick it, sweet as pixie stix, stable, secure, and familiar as white picket fences,
calculate expenses, 
checkin check out checkin out checkin accounts, 
accounting for, 
moving forward,
onward we go, 
where will we go,
explore with me, 
irrevocably and unconditionally i adore thy




Burgundy Bug x Xtaseay

XtaSeay & Burgundy Bug


XtaSeay X burgundy bug

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David Yurman

Model: Exxcal1bur

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