How to Kick Ass During Finals Week

Abandoned Schoolhouse

May 2018

Are you ready for finals week? … What was that? The sound of crickets chirping before an inevitable existential crisis ensues? You’re not alone. Keep reading for a few tips from a fellow college student on how to kick ass during finals week. 

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Jennifer O’Mara

I had the pleasure of interviewing newly-elected State Rep. Jennifer O’Mara (D-165). During our discussion, we discussed issues relevant throughout the state of Pennsylvania such as gerrymandering, healthcare, mental health, our education system, and gun regulation. 

If you are interested in reading our conversation, featured in the local community college’s school paper, the Communitarian, please submit a contact form

Please refer to Jennifer O’Mara’s website for more information about she plans to tackle these challenges in Harrisburg.

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