As you may have noticed, Penelope Peru Photography | P³ has recently undergone a few updates.

  • Updated About P³ – the about page now provides more information about P³, myself, as well as my partner, XtaSeay.
  • P³ Directory – there is now a directory explaining how to efficiently navigate the website.
  • Links – there is now a Links page mapping out where you can find XtaSeay and I across the web.
  • Subscribe – you may now choose to subscribe for email updates whenever there is new content uploaded to P³.
  • Sticker Catalog – you can now view a full catalog of the stickers available in the P³ Etsy shop.
  • Updated categories – categories are now listed in alphabetical order.
  • Updated contact form – it is now required to agree to P³’s privacy policy before submitting a contact form.
  • Updated menus – both site menus have been updated to reflect these changes.

Although these changes are minor, they are a part of a series of updates rolling out over the next few weeks. Think of it as a sort of “P³ reboot” to kick off the New Year.

Starting in 2019, P³ will feature bi-monthly blog posts. Portfolios of my work as a artist, photographer, and writer will also be available for reference.

Stay tuned for more and thanks for stickin’ around,