The Burgundy Zine #12: It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Craftmas

The Burgundy Zine #12: It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Craftmas

Tune-In Tuesdays #47: Susan by Ebony Buckle

Light, poppy, and sweet, the whimsical London-based singer/songwriter Ebony Buckle’s latest single “Susan” is sunshine in a song.

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Fashionista by Peter

Peter of Joyful Source outlines a few fashion-forward gifts that’ll give you an edge this holiday season.

We Need to Talk About the Charter Problem by Hala Karim

Hala Karim shares her experiences teaching at charter schools, detailing the challenges and exploitations charter school teachers face.

Christmas Eve by Mahik’s

Mahik’s gets our jingle bells a ringin’ with her latest poem, “Christmas Eve.”

Tune-In Tuesdays #48: Marcelyn on Music, Meaning, and Money

Marcelyn is a local indie-electric trio with an infectious personality.

On Sunday, the band took us behind the scenes of their latest album “This is Woman’s Lib?” with an added inside scoop on their upcoming music video. We also shared a few laughs as we bonded over our love for Philadelphia.

The Marriage of Figaro: All is Fair in Love and Triangles

A comic opera punctuated by its plot twists and turns, “The Marriage of Figaro” kept audiences entertained and on the edge of their seats in Haverford Centennial Hall on the evening of Nov. 21.

The Academy of Vocal Arts Springs into 2020 with “BrAVA Philadelphia!” this March

Continuing the celebration of their astounding 85th season, the Academy of Vocal Arts will present “BrAVA Philadelphia!” at The Met Philadelphia on March 28, 2020.

The Burgundy Zine Celebrates its One Year Anniversary!

That’s right, bug buddies! It’s been one year since The Burgundy Zine hit the internet. How did you celebrate? Oh, me? I had four wisdom teeth removed on the big day (yesterday).
Anyways, we have some exciting news to share about the future of The Burgundy Zine: changing our format, recruiting regular contributors, moving towards print, and possibly selling some merchandise!

DIY Stickers for Beginners

Who doesn’t love stickers? You can stick ’em on your laptop, or stick ’em on your walls, journals, binders, folders, scrapbooks, or stick ’em on your friends.

And with the ability to create your own stickers, you’ll never have to worry about running out!

DIY Christmas Gifts for Kids

Whether you have no idea what to get your nieces or nephews, your scrambling to do last-minute Christmas shopping, or you’d rather save a little money, you can’t beat giving the art of crafting for Christmas.

Artist Spotlight: Teri Anderson’s Latest Textiles

Teri Anderson (@tinyteri13) shares her latest textiles with us.

Tune-In Tuesdays #49: What Sounds like PETRA? Straight-Up Pop, Being Goofy, Getting Personal, and Loving Your Family

In November, the New York-based pop artist PETRA released her debut album, “Dancing Without You,” which is driven by personal narratives and packed with a blend of pop elements.

Last week, with spoke with PETRA via telephone to learn more about her album, her work as a musician, and her family life.

Tune-In Tuesdays #49 BONUS: PETRA Launches Her Official Merch Store

PETRA, the New York-based pop artist behind the candid album, “Dancing Without You,” launched her official merchandise store today, and the first 15 orders will receive a custom, handwritten lyric sheet.

Artist Spotlight: Dani DiPirro is Positively Present

Dani DiPirro (@positivelypresent) gets us in the holiday spirit with her festive artwork.

Snowy Night Snowman Hand Painted Seashell by Two Classy Chics

Shelly of Two Classy Chics teaches us how to paint a snowy night snowman on a seashell.

Fake Trees Won’t Appease Millennials

For millennials, it ain’t a Christmas tree unless it really sheds and breathes. According to a recent Value Penguin survey in the United States, millennials are 82 percent more likely to buy live Christmas trees than baby boomers.

However, an artificial tree is generally $513 cheaper than a real tree. While it may not be the more economical choice, it’s still the more environmental choice, says the National Christmas Tree Association.

Struggles of Working Through the Holidays by The Black Princess Diaries

The Black Princess Diaries shares a few tips for staying in the holiday spirit while working throughout the season.

Artist Spotlight: Natalie Lundeen

Natalie Lundeen delights us with her hand painted wood ornaments and beautiful artwork.

Five Tips for Avoiding a Gingerbread Disaster this Holiday Season by Sodexo

Sodexo Executive Chef behind the gingerbread replica of the U.S. Capitol shares expert advice to guide your gingerbread house making.

Snowman Gift Bags for Kids to Make by The Savy Age

The Savy Age teaches us how to make Snowman gift bags, a fun and easy winter craft for all ages.

Artist Spotlight: Zeynep

Zeynep (@zeiince) blows us away with her stunning digital and traditional art.

Review: Amazing Facts About Baby Animals by Maja Säfström

Listen, I may technically be an adult who wears full suits to work on a regular basis, but I bought Maja Sätström’s “Amazing Facts About Baby Animals” for no one other than myself.

Artist Spotlight: Lena Leew

Self-taught makeup enthusiast Lena Leew wows us with her stunning holiday looks.

Why I Love Christmas by The Black Princess Diaries

The Black Princess Diaries warms our heart with her love of Christmas.

Tune-In Tuesdays #50: Julia Klot on Piano, Brooklyn, and Upcoming Shows

New York-based pianist and singer-songwriter Julia Klot released her album “Brooklyn” last month, an album inspired by her love for love and longing for home as she transitions into college.

On Sunday, we spoke to Klot via telephone to learn more about her life-long love for music, her latest album, and her upcoming release show at Rockwood Music Hall.

Tune-In Tuesdays #50 BONUS: Through by Manic.

Acoustic and heartfelt, Manic. strums through to your soul in his latest single, “Through.”

Artist Spotlight: Natalia Bennett

Natalia Bennett delights us with her fun and festive Christmas artwork.

Here’s the Scoop on How Exercise Affects Your Poop

Sometimes, you have to get moving in order to get it moving. According to 2018 research published in the World Journal of Clinical Cases, exercise improves gastrointestinal mobility – a.k.a. the more you move, the more you poo.

Medical Magic Mushrooms: Where Do We Stand in 2020?

Could 2020 be the widespread revival of psilocybin research, possibly leading to a medical industry that models the medical marijuana industry?