All posts on P³ are organized into over 500 different categories. Nature, flowers, luxury, cars, skyOregon, and silhouettes are home to some of P³’s most popular content.

If you have been featured on the website you may find the post(s) by searching your name or going into the category, which will bear your name. If you are featured anonymously or unnamed, you may be able to find the content in the people category. In the event that you wish to be tagged, named, referred to by another name, or removed from the website, please submit a contact form to initiate the changes.

Highlights are also posted after events, trips, and at the end of each month.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for portfolios highlighting my work as a photographer, artist, or writer.

Directory – Blog

The blogs category is an archive of blogs, lyrics & Poems, and tarot card readings that have been posted on .

Blogs are regularly posted on The Burgundy Zine, a blog and monthly digital zine that covers the latest in current events from an alternative perspective.

Directory – Music

Songs of the Month is a series of playlists compiling songs I’ve enjoyed listening to throughout the month. They are started and placed on the sidebar of the website on the first and officially released at the end of the month with a poem.

Playlists, original compositions, as well as other artists’ works are also posted. My partner, XtaSeay, is one of the main musicians featured on P³. His work is also available on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, and more.

Directory – Original Art

Original art is divided into multiple categories including but not limited to:

P³’s art is on Instagram, as well as Etsy. A sticker catalog is also available, in addition to the sticker category.