Along with taking requests, accepting art trades, and fulfilling commissions, P³ has an Etsy shop with glossy handmade stickers available for purchase. More designs are available under the sticker category. Subscribe to the sticker channel to get email notifications the moment a new sticker is released!




Hot Dog Dog Stickers


XtaSeay “Shroomhead” Stickers

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Fruit Stickers

Grape Stickers


Strawberry Stickers


Lemon and Lime Stickers


Cherry Stickers


Pear Stickers



Shroomhead Sherman Stickers


Halloween Stickers

Vampire Lip Stickers


Witch Hat Stickers


Ghost Stickers


Animal Stickers

Drooling Frog Stickers


Bear Stickers


Panda Bear Stickers


Polar Animal Stickers


Penguin Stickers

Snowman Stickers

Stickers are sold in collections, as well as three, four, and six piece sets:

  • 3 PACK: Large stickers are sold in threes for $2.25.
  • 6 PACKMedium stickers are sold in sets of six for $3.00
  • 4 PACKSmall stickers are sold in sets of four for $1.00

The price of a collection will vary, depending on how many and what sizes are sold in the collection. Quantities vary based on design.


Additionally, stickers may be purchased individually:

  • 1 LARGE sticker for $0.90
  • 1 MEDIUM sticker for $0.60
  • 1 SMALL sticker for $0.30

Use the coupon code “P3SENTME” for 10% off of your order!

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