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Integration is the symbol of fusion, self-redefinition, rebalance. A union is not two halves, rather the result of two halves becoming one. Remember: dark does not oppose light, for together they represent an entire spectrum.

To draw INTEGRATION in the issue indicates that the root of your issue – whatever it may be – lies in balanceYou must embrace this challenge, for it is now apart of you. Fighting what is at fault will only create more division within yourself.

Internal Influence (unconscious influences): CONTROL

There is far more to life than checking off your “to-do” list. There is a need for order, but sacrificing yourself to structure is not the answer. Mistakes and spontaneity are key in obtaining inner peace.

To flow freely and unapologetically expresses that you are at ease.  Behind the “perfection” and “thoroughness” you believe you have achieved by means of control lies a very nervous self – a self that is not truly experiencing life at it’s fullest. 

To draw CONTROL in the internal influence suggests that you have found comfort in the illusion of an overly-organized lifestyle – which ultimately, will only lead to discomfort. You need to accept that you will never truly be as in control as you think you are. Let lose.

External Influence (conscious influence): THE SOURCE

The source represents the energy that lies within all. To be one with and utilize the source does not come about in thinking or planning, but in silence. Ground yourself and allow the source to guide you naturally. How can you truly experience anything if all of your energy is exhausted in the process of thought?

To draw THE SOURCE in the external influence suggests that you are consciously aware of “the source”. You are aware of your potential to flow freely, but your internal influenceCONTROL, is withholding you from truly embracing who you are.

Resolution: MIND

We habitually forget that the mind is meant to be a servant. Amidst the amnesia, we allow the jibberish and non-sensical ideas that whizz through our heads to overrun us. If one were to record every thought that crossed their head and play it back, it would be made clear quite quickly that most of these passing ideas are irrelevant and arbitrary. When we allow the mind to take over, it is essentially an invitation to cloud our true perception. 

You are too preoccupied with the inner-workings of your mind. Drop this preoccupation and you will obtain true clarity.

To draw MIND in the resolution suggests that resolve for your “issue” lies within letting go of your thoughts, your ego. In conjunction with your internal and external influences (CONTROL and THE SOURCE, respectively), it appears you have gotten lost wandering the forests within your head. While enchanting, these trees are merely blockading the sun that is reaching to enter your life. You may be satisfied with the glimpses of light you happen to catch, but it’s warmth in all of it’s glory can not graze your skin until you step out of the shade.


Enlightenment: ALONENESS

When we feel a lack of support in our deepest struggles, we may feel alone. This perception is foolish, for you are not alone – you are simply lonely. Your solitude could be met with feelings of bitterness, emptiness, but it deserves to be commended. You are strong enough to exist beyond man’s most intense craving; the company of others. Find empowerment in your isolation, for you have done what most can not; you have taken responsibility for your destiny without depending on anyone else.

To draw ALONENESS in the enlightenment is a reminder that while you may feel alone in your issue, you are essentially not alone. Rather, you are simply craving dependence. You will learn to embrace your independence and ability to sustain yourself as a result of the issue, and share your strength with others.

Bonus insight: CONSCIOUSNESS

There is clarity waiting to be unlocked at the core of your being. The key to this eternal harmony lies within becoming the master of your own mind. In silencing your thoughts, you will be able to utilize your consciousness efficiently – rather than being a servant to your ego, it shall serve you.

To draw CONSCIOUSNESS as bonus insight suggests that it is time to stop letting your mind control you.

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