$5 Zen Tarot Card Readings


The veil that once – or perhaps still – obscured your perception is now being burned away. This is not a conscious effort; let your self settle and the flames burn naturally. Remember that you are essentially a witness – your core is unchanging, so allow yourself to enjoy momentary observation in silence.

Awareness is dropping all memories, projections, and expectations. To be aware is to live at the maximum.

To draw AWARENESS as the issue indicates a shift in awareness. As your conscience emerges from it’s haze, you will be greeted by an enlightened sense of consciousness. Until you allow your ego to simmer down, you will not be able to appreciate life at it’s “maximum”.

Internal (“unconscious”) influence: LAZINESS

While you may feel satisfied, perhaps even fulfilled, you are still quite far from your destination. Do not settle, do not attempt to rationalize settling. Stay alert and on your feet, keep moving forward in your journey

To draw LAZINESS as the internal (“unconscious”) influence indicates that your false sense of achievement and fulfillment is preventing your shift in awareness. Appreciate your successes, but do not cling to them. To become enlightened you must keep striving for the bigger and better things that lie ahead.

External (“conscious”) influence: NO-THINGNESS 

While the void of direction may terrify you, it is in this state of ‘no-thingness’ that potential can express itself purely and unapologetically. Relax, treasure the silence and tranquility it bears while it’s here.

Nothing is far more than simply nothing – it is laden with possibility. It is a state of beginning and yet a state of closure.

To draw NO-THINGNESS as the external influence indicates that you are allowing your lack of direction to feed into the issue. By scrambling to find life’s compass, you are only scrambling your perceptions further. In allowing yourself to sync with the natural current of existence, you will flow towards your shift in awareness.

Resolution: CREATIVITY

Allow what is rearing to be expressed through you to manifest. Do not repress your creativity, for you do not own it; the result of our creative endeavors exist independently, we and those we share with merely revel in it’s aura of joy. Creativity is a measure of quality and divinity. To live creatively is an act of transcendence. 

To draw CREATIVITY as the resolution indicates that you must embrace your passions in order to transcend in consciousness. You are creative, but you are consciously (external/conscious influence) allowing your lack of direction (NO-THINGNESS) to withhold your creative pursuits. Unconsciously (internal/unconscious influence), your illusory comfort in life’s current state of affairs (LAZINESS) has kept you from pushing passed the NO-THINGNESS, for you have allowed yourself to accept defeat and lazily use it as an excuse to give up on seriously pursuing your desires.

Enlightenment: POSSIBILITIES

Comfortable within yourself and shamelessly embracing the love of (and for) those around you, you are able to recognize all that lies ahead. Only once one has obtained inner-peace may they truly appreciate the oasis of opportunity and possibility that encompasses our universe. 

To draw POSSIBILITIES as the resolution indicates that in embracing your creativity, you will establish enough comfort within yourself to truly appreciate all that life continues to offer you. You will no longer be bound by the chains of LAZINESS or NO-THINGNESS, for POSSIBILITIES are a facet of existing that does not adhere to direction or routine.

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