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Despite inner entanglement, your inner-light fights to shine. You have suppressed your own desires by tangling yourself in the expectations and ideals of others. It is inevitable that suppression will lead to eruption. Unravel yourself – release all that is building up with in while you’re still in control, for these pressures will manifest independently in an ever-chaotic manner otherwise. 

To draw SUPPRESSION as the issue indicates that you are not putting yourself first. Whether you’re allowing yourself to flow freely or not, you certainly aren’t dancing to your own rhythm. You must choreograph yourself to the hum of your passions.

Internal (“unconscious”) influence: CHANGE

It has often been noted that change itself is all that is constant in life. Life is ever-changing, evolving. It is a constant – and often repetitious – cycle of rebirth.

To draw CHANGE as the internal (“unconscious”) influence suggests that you are ignorant to the changes presently taking place around you. Whether they may be internal, external, or a combination, you are not actively appreciating life’s fluidity, nor it’s evolutionary nature.

Perhaps you are even suppressing the changes taking place within your life.

External (“conscious”) influence: COMPLETION

You are nearing liberation from your preoccupations. The void of completion may fill you with despair, though it should be celebrated – for this void is brimming with the potential to be filled by much greater, grander endeavors. 

To draw COMPLETION as the external (“conscious”) influence indicates that this chapter of your life is drawing to a close. You may be ignorant to the CHANGES taking place within your life, but you are aware of the upcoming transitional period. It is imperative that you avoid suppressing the journey ahead.

Resolution: CONTROL

There is far more to life than checking off your “to-do” list. There is a need for order, but sacrificing yourself to structure is not the answer. Mistakes and spontaneity are key in obtaining inner peace.

To flow freely and unapologetically expresses that you are at ease.  Behind the “perfection” and “thoroughness” you believe you have achieved by means of control lies a very nervous self – a self that is not truly experiencing life at it’s fullest. 

To draw CONTROL as the resolution indicates that letting go of control and hiking along life’s natural path is key in embracing your suppressed passions. In order to truly appreciate the excitement brought about by your internal and external influences, CHANGE and COMPLETION respectively, you must relax, take the passenger seat.

Do not try to CONTROL the CHANGE or impending COMPLETION, for doing so will only further SUPPRESS your natural flow.

 Enlightenment: EXHAUSTION 

Scrounging to appear collected, levelheaded, responsible, we box ourselves into unnatural routines.

To live consciously is to live robotically – your responses are ready-made, calculated. You establish a character to serve as a shield to your identity.

To live through consciousness is to live naturally – your heart is open, inviting all to rejoice in a mutual admiration. Living through consciousness encourages spontaneity; adventure; deep and genuine connections to like-minds. 

Life is not a business; take a break from excessive management and structure. Allow yourself to live playfully through consciousness. 

To draw EXHAUSTION as the enlightenment indicates that in letting go of CONTROL you may finally realize a break from your workaholic tendencies is vital in untying yourself from the issueSUPPRESSIONEXHAUSTION is a reminder to live naturally, through consciousness.

Bonus insight: INNER VOICE

One with the cosmos, the Inner Voice speaks in the wordless language of the heart. It’s language is reminiscent of an oracle who’s message bears only the truth. It is alert, perceptive, accepting of both dark and light. The crystal on this card is a symbol of the clarity that arises from the transcendence of all dualities. While playful, the Inner Voice does not shy from diving into it’s intense emotions, as it will  float up and soar towards the skies – much like the dolphins on this card.

At times, we may feel as though we have too many inner voices gasping for our attention, uttering too many directions. Our confusion amidst this chaos serves as a reminder to seek silence and inner peace, for only then are we able to hear the truth.

To draw INNER VOICE for bonus insight implies that seeking inner truth and balance within will aid you in resolving the issueSUPPRESSION. When bombarded by direction and opportunity, look within. Follow only the flow of your own, for swimming in the conflicting currents of others will only further SUPPRESS and EXHAUST you.

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