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Paradox: STRESS

Stress is a guest in all of our lives at times, though perfectionists find themselves a host to it more often than not. With so many projects, or “balls in the air” (as this card depicts), you are bound to exhaust yourself. 

We create problems for ourselves, and so we must take responsibility for them. You have allowed stress to make a home for itself within your life, and now an eviction is in order.

Nothing is certain, the world is in constant motion. The sun will rise whether you set your alarm or not – so please, for your sake, do something unimportant.

To draw STRESS as a Paradox is a reminder to step back and relax, for any stress is simply in your head – thus, you are in control of what you are feeling. Stop overwhelming yourself.


Humanity is a spectrum; inevitably, there will always be people with qualities you believe to be superior to yours. Likewise, there will always be people with qualities you find inferior to your own. Identity arises within oneself, deeming comparisons obsolete and irrelevant. To truly understand who you are, you must embrace your desires – regardless of what others are or what they may expect.

Hierarchy is arbitrary. No one is truly better nor worse than anyone else, for we are all needed in order to create a whole. Unity exists within the void of judgement. 

To draw COMPARISON as bonus insight serves as a reminder to embrace yourself, regardless of anyone else. How are you to find clarity, let alone inner peace, if you are constantly worried about everyone else? Look out for yourself, for you, too, are a vital piece in life’s puzzle.

Together, the STRESS and COMPARISON cards indicate that you have overwhelmed yourself juggling the perceived expectations of others. Perceived, for those who truly care for you do not expect anything of you. They appreciate you simply for who you are and the unity in which your combined presence form naturally.

Do not get caught up in the strengths or weaknesses of others, nor should you ruminate in excess the faults and assets you believe to define your character. No one is bound by definition, to be genuine is simply to be.

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