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Conscious understanding: CHANGE

It has often been noted that change itself is all that is constant in life. Life is ever-changing, evolving. It is a constant – and often repetitious – cycle of rebirth.

Life will repeat itself endlessly. Only once you become mindful of these patterns, will you be able to break them.

To draw CHANGE in the conscious understanding represents what you (as it’s implied) may already be aware of; your life is stuck in a loop that only you have the power to seek freedom from. Your life will remain cyclical for as long as you allow yourself to feed into it’s unidirectional motion. 



Moments where you feel as though you’ve had enough are a reminder to breakthrough old ways and limitations. You will be in awe of the vitality and sense of empowerment that comes about when letting your energy flow freely.

Although it is a great risk, a conscious breakdown is one of life’s greatest adventures. You must face chaos in order to become one with your individuality.

To draw BREAKTHROUGH  in the body indicates a breakthrough in one’s physical self, indicating a change or transformation that will allow who you are within to flow seamlessly with the self that is visible to the outer world.

We are taught to mask our pain and vulnerability behind bravery as a survival tactic; to dry our eyes before anyone may catch a glimpse. We may even hide our more intense emotions deep within ourselves, our conscience ignorant to their validity and very existence. 

We inevitably become miserable when we are too invested in ourselves. When you isolate yourself, become more than just cold or rigid – you become frozen. In order to melt the boundaries and allow yourself to flow freely, you must embrace the love and joy surrounding youfor love and joy are warmth in it’s purest forms.

To draw ICE-OLATION in the heart signifies a very guarded self. This card – as well as it’s placement – encourages you to question not only the very walls you have built around yourself, but to knock them down.

It is time to let go of a tether in your life; whether that tether represents a career, home, or passed relationship, it is complete. You may grieve, but do not let your tears cloud your vision of what lies ahead – for what lies ahead is something much greater. 

The disappearance of “I” is innocenceTo find peace among the war that is proving your worth is to become one with infinity.

To draw LETTING GO in the being suggests that it is time to let go of all preconceptions of being. To be should not be a struggle or war. Allow yourself to simply be.

Meditation: MIND

We habitually forget that the mind is meant to be a servant. Amidst the amnesia, we allow the jibberish and non-sensical ideas that whizz through our heads to overrun us. If one were to record every thought that crossed their head and play it back, it would be made clear quite quickly that most of these passing ideas are irrelevant and arbitrary. When we allow the mind to take over, it is essentially an invitation to cloud our true perception. 

You are too preoccupied with the inner-workings of your mind. Drop this preoccupation and you will obtain true clarity.

To draw MIND in the meditation encourages you to reflect on – or deflect, rather – the whirlwind that is your ego. Question whether all of this chaos is truly necessary, or if it is simply preventing you from enjoying all that it means to exist in the moment.


Now is a time brimming with mystery, and all that is required is patience. Patience does not imply indifference; patience is simply a tranquil state of watchfulness. 

We have forgotten – no, abandoned – the art of waiting. Now is a time to sit back and relax, for you are at the mercy of time. There is immense beauty to be found in patience, do not take this for granted. This is the calm before a storm that will positively transform you.

To draw PATIENCE in the passive aspect represents your ability (or the need) to demonstrate watchfulness in situations where it is appropriate for you to remain a mere stagehand in this act of life. Patience is a gift and should not be taken for granted.  There is no need to rush, nor is there any need for worry. Take these moments as a time to meditate and reflect.

You are a garden, abundant with life. Embrace your fruitful nature and allow others to partake in your blessings. Welcome the bees, the birds, the murals your inner blossoms paint. 

You are encouraged not only to live, but to thrive in abundance, totality. Do not contain your radiance within a seed; encourage it to sprout so that others may enjoy the love and compassion within you. Dance with not only your friends, but the faces you spot in passing.

To draw FLOWERING in the active aspect represents your ability to share in the gifts life has placed at your doorstep, for you are bountifully blessed. There is a time and a place for everything; balance your abundance with your passive aspect’s patience, for it may overwhelm guests within your inner garden.

What is repressed: POSSIBILITIES

You are at a precipice of endless possibilities. In self growth and self love, harmony with others is found. Only when you relax are you able to recognize the endless sea of opportunity that waves before you. 

While the conscious mind may see boundaries, existence itself is boundless. Those who are easily content remain small, limiting their joys, freedoms, and pursuits of happiness. Do not find home in these small doses of euphoria, for true euphoria is not contained within four walls – or contained at all, for that matter.

To draw POSSIBILITIES in what is repressed suggests that you are looking a gift horse in the mouth. There is eons of opportunity before you, yet you are unable to see it. Perhaps your potential is clouded by the ICE-OLATION in your heart or the MIND that has yet to be sufficiently reflected upon. As you clear your inner skies, your potential will shine.

Bonus Insight: TRUST 

Revel in the thrill that is the free-fall. Do not think before taking the plunge – simply trust that whatever is meant to happen will happen.

Put aside knowledge, fear, and the walls that tower around your heart. Only when you trust in life can you say that you have been abridged with infinity and innocence. What are you clinging to? Anything that may be lost is not worth possessing in the first place. Simply let go and enjoy the treasures reaped by blind faith.

The TRUTH card has presented itself to you, for it is time for you to abolish your stale ways of existing and enjoy living in the unknown. Life’s adventure can not steer you astray, for it has no inherit direction.

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