Songs of the Week // 1.21 – 1.27 (2018)

first of many,
songs? i got plenty,
to toss around like confetti-etti, 
italian but i ain’t ever really like spaghetti, 
attemptin’ to blend in’ but i stand out, 
outlandish candids dancin’ around chances,
passin’ glances, 
eyes are glazed, 
creatin’ lyrical mazes for days, 
seven days one week one playlist, 
don’t forget to play this

Songs of the Week // 1.28 – 2.04 (2018)

weak for this week, 
we’d seed ideas, reap what we sow, prosper and profit, 
project after project, 
office awfully cozy, 
cheeks are awfully rosey, 
limbs are awfully posey, 
dancin’ forever and ever, 
tethered to moments and sentiments, 
cemented and grounded, 
centered, energy intertwined, 
do these lines make sense outside this mind of mine