A number of talented musicians, comedians, and poets graced the audience at Saxby’s during WCU’s first Open Mic Night

Hosted by Abstract the Entertainer
DJ/Sound Technician XtaSeay

John and Noah

John and Noah’s beautiful cover of Foo Fighter’s hit song, Everlong.

Jake Summer

Jake Summer’s hilarious stand up routine. Everybody poops!


Courtney’s angelic Christmas carol. Happy Holidays!


Lauren recounts just another Wednesday during her stand up routine.


Taylor keeps it real some of his original poetry from his aspiring children’s poetry book. Deep!

Aspen and Kevin

Aspen and Kevin’s heartfelt original songs. Hit them high notes, Aspen!

Roi Lush

Roi Lush drops some bars. Fiiiire!


Hold on for Fonvery! He’s got soul, but he’s not a soldier.


Duncan’s better safe than sorry after his trip to Planned Parenthood.

Supreme Elijahwon

Don’t forget to check out his latest single available on all platforms, Shawty Freestyle!


Marissa graces the audience with her breathtaking voice. Incredible!

Kiwann Jones

Kiwanna Jones channels his inner Hendrix with incredibly ability to shred on the guitar. Damn, Kiwi!


Devon expresses himself with his heartfelt piece, “Degree”. Truly touching!


Veronica recounts a lifetime of sharing a namesake with Veronica Sawyer of the musical and ’90s cult classic film, Heathers. Wow.

Young Alex

Young Alex absolutely sets Saxby’s ablaze with her raw talent and bars over a real funky Mos Def beat. Keep on bringin’ the heat!


Paradox raps his upcoming single. Now that’s what I call dropping some lines!

Rainy Dae

Rainy Dae and his Photographer rain down some rap. Keep up the hype!

Abstract the Entertainer

Host and pop artist Abstract the Entertainer wraps up the night on a hype note. Hello! Stay Confident, darling. Don’t forget to enjoy The Weekend with your Real Friends. 😉

Stay tuned for information regarding the next WCU Open Mic Night Event!

Special thank you to Abstract the Entertainer, XtaSeay, and all of the incredible performers who made the microphone their own up on stage at Saxby’s. 

If you were a performer who would like to have their social media profiles tagged in any of the footage, please submit a contact form.