runnin’ runnin’ runnin’ runnin’,

runnin’ my mouth off,

mouth of a waterfall,

mouthing mumbles,


like my eggs like my ideas – scrambled,

keep cool,

cool off, heat up, speed up, slow down,

slow down, speed up, heat up, cool off, heads up,

up up and away,

way to go,

wait, don’t go,

mouth of a waterfall,

mouthing mumbles,


crafting lyrical puzzles,

drafting spiritual novels – ah,

ha ha ha ha,

mouth of a waterfall,

wash over me in entirety,

ponder personal philosophies,

ponder plato, socrates,

use terminology,

but i’ll proudly admit that i’m still ignorant,


drowning in bliss,

mouth of a waterfall,

water falls all around me,

water’s all i can see,

sea’s wavy,

skies are hazy,

painted in cotton candy colors,

a vibrancy like no other,

a vibe you see,

keep on vibin w/ me.