August 2019 // Highlights

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Highlights of the Year // 2018

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August 2018 // HIGHLIGHTS

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Sketchbook Tour // August – September 2018

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My Brain 08

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My Brain 07

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Songs of the Month // August 2018


tripped now i’m fallin’,

off trees like it’s already autumn,

leafing over new starts as if i haven’t already blossomed,

sleepin’ on my passions as if i’m playin’ possum,

sleepin’ playin’ passive as if time isn’t passin’,

as if getting older doesn’t diminish the weight of your accomplishments,

cause at least you’re still acomplishin’ shit?


still too long and i drift to sleep,

but only if the sun’s out or else i can’t catch a wink,

lost in my own world all i ever do is think,

think we outta be connected by string can telephones,

step into my mind so i’m not all alone,

send you sweet nothings all night long,

through these string can telephones,

send you sweet nothings all night long,

through this string can telephone,

though let it be known,

your empathy breaks the bounds of telepathy,

somehow, you manage to see right through me,

ride my wave length,

tell me sweet nothings all day long,

we don’t need no string can telephone


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On Trend: Succulents – Bloomr

This article is contributed by Bloomr.

Succulents are all the rage these days. They adorn spaces far beyond their native desert surroundings. You find them at weddings, as bouquet and table arrangements and favors, on Pinterest style plant walls in trendy art spaces and any and everywhere as modern urban decor.

We know and love succulents for their rich colored fleshy leaves, dynamic shapes and relatively low maintenance. They survive in dry environments so can adapt well to indoor climates and don’t need too much direct sunlight. Not to mention, they look great as stand alones or potted in groups!

This isn’t to say indoor succulents can’t be tempermental. They need water, but not too much water. And sunlight, but not too much. They can attract unwelcome insects, and as they deteriorate they give off an unpleasant odor.

Artificial succulents are even more NO maintenance – without the small or pests – and look just as fabulous! Faux succulents like our chic potted agave in a modern concrete pot can decorate a side table or act as a centerpiece. Mixed modern arrangements combine artificial cacti and other succulent variations, great for an urban look and feel.

This article is contributed by Bloomr.

My Brain 06

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