inhale me like steam off your coffee cups,
drink me when you need a pick-up, 
pick me up to wash it down, 
i’ll be around even though it kills me to see you frown, 
drown your worries and preserve your life,
life-rings around this tugboat subject to the currents of inner and outer strife, 
i know it’s hard to survive pushing yourself to over-strive, 
and overachieve, while internet gurus preach crystals and herbal teas are the key to some supposed inner peace, please, 
i can’t appease the referees on my shoulders, 
even when
i’m baring the weight of the world’s boulder, 
bolder ambitions got me wishin’ i could do just a little more, 
sleep-deprived, bags under my eyes got me wishin’ i could just lay down for a little snore, 
i wish friendships weren’t founded on @s and mentions, 
i wish tensions weren’t tethered to my intentions,
responsibilities got me passin’ on my passions, 
until they provide an income that’s passive, 
i’m left to wonder if i love the craft or the cash, 
the pay’s got my checkin’ myself, dollar signs thrash around my skull, keepin’ me from doing anything brash, 
i’ll graduate with two degrees but i don’t know what
i’m to do after school, 
i graduated early,
i’m on the cusp of nineteen, i’m not too keen on fleeing the education system cesspool, 
scholarships, but i don’t feel like i deserve ’em, 
succumb to alumni, but i skip meetings in lieu of lectured lullabies, 
only to skip lectures in lieu of strolls below cloudy skies, 
temptation between the parting of my lips and secured between my teeth,
i’m a snake, i’m a butterfly, 
i’ll migrate before
i’ll ever let you see me cry, 
i’ll die in shadows only to come alive at night, 
illuminated, dancing in the glow of the tv-light, 
flip through me like the channels on your tv-guide, 
together we’ll tune out my worries like advertisements, 
it’s fine, it’s,
fine so long as you inhale me like steam off your coffee cups, 
pour another, i think it’s time for a pick-me-up. 

source: songs of the month – feb. 2019 | burgundy bug

Burgundy Bug hugging XtaSeay

Source: Little Doodle Of Us