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February 2019 // HIGHLIGHTS

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Songs of the Month // February 2019

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Supreme Elijahwon at Saxby’s

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Supreme Elijahwon at Saxby’s to discuss his experiences performing and what’s next for him as an artist.

Head on over to The Burgundy Zine to read the interview!

Source: Tune-In Tuesdays #8: Self Expression, Fake Love, and Performing with Supreme Elijahwon | The Burgundy Zine
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Simon Holding’s Guinea Pigs

Cromwell and Aristotle

Source: Simon Holding | Not You Mate

“Youngsters” born in Jan 2019

Source: Simon Holding | Not You Mate

Head on over to Simon Holding’s blog, Not You Mate, for even more pictures and information about his guinea pigs, shows, and more! You can read more about his passion for performing over on The Burgundy Zine.