splashin’ passion,

crashin’ at 5pm,

landin’ on my feet,

sweepin’ up without defeat,

featured in thoughts,

represented in abstract imagery,

imagination’s rich, vocabulary’s convoluted,

poetic, sometimes mistaken for apathetic, apologies if the message gets diluted,

i just get enthused ‘n the words spill,

ill, trippin’,

firm believer that life is depicted by freudian slips,

slip slip and slide,

sly, shy, just ramblin’, rattlin’ off what’s on my mind,

this is just the surface,

sir, face me,

me oh my,

weak in the knees when we lock eyes,

contact hi,


care to hear how i’m doin’ dear?

care to see what i’m up to over here?

hear me out,

see me through,

see right through me, amuse me, enthuse me

splashin’ passion,

passin’ over old pictures,

feelin’ new,

feelin’ oooh