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Songs of the Month // July 2018

tears after laughter,

and tears in my wares,

where worn out blown out roundabouts seem to loop around,

we step outside ourselves to acknowledge what seems oh so profound,

found absurdities within novelties of what’s defined as normalcy,

seein’ this world through new lenses and feelin’ tremendous,

it’s splendid, spinning around endlessly,

it’s splendid spendin’ 6 hours lost within’ four walls ontologically,

spendin’ 6 hours squakin’ squeakin’ speakin’ talkin’ non stop chronophobically,

don’t stop,

just wait,

pause, wait for me,

pause, could you repeat that please?

pause, just lay with me,

hand in hand with fingers that intend to interlock,

lo-fi conversations where we share our monologue,

here we lay, safe in one another’s arms,

exposed, i’m disarmed,

exposed, you see me for who i am,

opposed to leaving so much undisclosed,

juxtaposed, poised alongside all timelines – er, time loops,

pointing out patterns, how is this world so connected and yet so scattered?

how is this world so connected and yet so shattered?

between flat earth and fake moons,

and fake news,

but what’s new,

we ask ourselves after trip ups,

sippin’ on itty bitty giddy giggles that turn to tear trickles,

trippin’ and spillin’ milk, moo moo moo,

this universe is moot moot moot,

utterly muttering, keeping composure even when reality seems to be stuttering,




deception, no wonder we subject this world to inspection,

glad we both value taking time out for a little reflection,

though i’m still deflectin’ mirrors,

at least until the glass gets clearer,

at least until

at least until

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Songs of the Month // May 2018


the calendar may read may, 
maybe it’s right but honey time together is priceless, 
although it feels like our connection proceeds this life it’s, 
still essential i count my lucky stars, state my gratitude, 
unreal appreciation of your attitude, 
surreal vacation, you are my get a way dude, 
ever notice how everything seems to go our way, 
yeah, it always seems to fall into place, 
no matter, even if the world were to fall into disarray, 
misery, disorder,
i’m secure that my place in this world is by your side, 
side by side, 
my oh my sugar i can’t get enough of those eyes, 
peel back my sleepy lids,
resurge and recharge, 
you ignite a spark, 
jump charge, resurge, recharge, restart, 
your presence is sheer electricity

the calendar may read may, 
maybe it’s right but honey time together is priceless, 
yeah, all time spent together is quality, 
every breath taken in harmony with yours is equally important, 
you are vital, priceless,
my idol, you leave me breathless, 
gargling on my words, 
rinsing out my thoughts, 
basking in your love, 
honey, there ain’t anybody i value above thy, 
i love thy

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Songs of the Month // February 2018

blarin’ instrumentals,
barkin’, bitin’, recitin’ what’s on my mental,
meant to repent to repeal to reveal how i really feel,
shoot i don’t even know what’s really concealed,
open up pandora’s box when i spit it, trip it,
rap so fast i get tongue twisted, flip it,
playin’ lyrical twister with my mister as i remain a mystery to myself,
word bank, rich w/ ideas that keep me from quittin’ it,
kitten, purr purr purrfect, cuddly cozy,
cheek’s are rosey, hormone’s oxytocin,
pep washin’ over me in tides when we lock eyes,
dopamine? you’re dope, i mean,
serotonin, adrenaline, but we stay chillin’,
illin’, baller,
aww your,
so sweet, so neat,
so c’mon let’s lay down another funky beat,
beatin’ hearts conduct their own rhythm,
i’m singin’ outta key now,
slowly losin’ the illusion of perfect harmony with these piano keys, ow,
voice cracks as my consciousness slips,
slippin’ slidin’ off to a dream,
seamless, easy to confuse the two realities when you reside behind my eyelids,

so c’mon, freestyle awhile,
smilin’ for awhile and,
shoutin’ out rolled down windows, what’s good?
goodly gobbledygook, ook,
ah ha ha, now i’m just playin’ round with these lines,
playin’ ’round, well rounded,
feeling grounded, feeling sound and,
feeling you, feelin’ this playlist, too,
play it w/ me, play w/ me, stay w/ me



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