My submission for Zumiez Stash 2017 Couch Contest

Original Art | Zumiez Stash

Around this time last year, the American multinational brand and staple within the skate boarding community, Zumiez, held a couch design contest through their rewards program, Zumiez Stash.

Although my design did not win, I thought it might be worth sharing. In fact, winning wasn’t even a priority as I initially entered the contest.

In December of 2017, a young man I fancied (who I am happy to say has been my significant other for almost a year now) had suggested I enter the contest. Inspired – and most definitely in an attempt to impress him – I doodled my heart out over Zumiez blank “design-me” couch template. 

Zumiez “design me” couch template

Zumiez | Zumiez Stash

The contest drew to a close in January of 2018. Zumiez encouraged members of the Zumiez Stash rewards program to vote on their favorites throughout the first quarter of the year. 

Zumiez officially announced the Iowa-based designer Jake Earp as the winner on their Instagram page in May 2018. 

As mentioned in their post above, Zumiez held a follow-up contest, offering members of their rewards program a shot at winning a couch of their own with Earp’s design printed over the cushions. 

As a fan of Earp’s work myself, I would like to take a moment to (albeit, quite belatedly, at this point) congratulate him on his impressive design and merited win. I definitely recommend showing some love to his artwork over on his website and Instagram page

Zumiez continues to keep members on their toes by regularly holding contests.

Currently, Zumiez Stash members are encouraged to enter a contest to Win Something Off Your Bucket List! With every entry, your chances of winning “something off of your bucket list” are increased. 

The winner will be notified via email within one to two weeks of the contest drawing to a close. 

As for my latest endeavors as an artist, entrepreneur, and jack-of-all-trades, I am currently channeling my creative energy towards my Etsy shop. I sell handmade stickers, however I do also take commissions. 

If you are interested in commissioning a piece, submitting a request, or pitching a sticker design, please don’t be a stranger. 😉  

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