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The Burgundy Zine, an online platform for writers, artists, and musicians alike to broadcast their content to a global audience, launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their upcoming merch store yesterday.

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Still Here

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Maddie’s Birthday 2019 // HIGHLIGHTS

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Art at Longwood Gardens

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Zumiez Stash 2017 “Design Me” Couch Contest

My submission for Zumiez Stash 2017 Couch Contest

Original Art | Zumiez Stash

Around this time last year, the American multinational brand and staple within the skate boarding community, Zumiez, held a couch design contest through their rewards program, Zumiez Stash.

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My Brain 07

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Give Peep a “Peep” on SoundCloud

hey hey hey,
hope this isn’t too many songs to play,
hope this keeps ya captivated,
i’ll keep the playlist updated,
as i find ham jams worth blastin ’till your speaker goes blam,
wham bam thank you man damn,
lyrics rubber neck like a traffic jam,
sometimes rhymes come to me on pure accident

Logo feat. XtaSeay‘s Hatmask (“Peep” Leafs on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud).

High Desert Museum’s Art Gallery