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Top Picks For Silk Flower Wedding Arrangements – Bloomr

Top Picks For Silk Flower Wedding Arrangements


Flowers are the one decorative item most associated with weddings. Every year, couples happily spend thousands of dollars to create the perfect ambience for their special day. From bridal bouquets to flower girl petals, from guest table centrepieces to place card arrangements, flowers are a must for any spectacular wedding. And what many wedding planners and newly engaged couples are now realizing are the advantages of using silk florals over real ones.

When using silk flowers, not only are they more affordable than their living counterparts, but they remove a lot of your worries, such as what is in season, how long certain flowers will last, or how transporting these delicate plants will affect their appearance on the day of your event.

We love looking for inspiration for our own wedding decoration ideas, so we wanted to share a few with you.


  • This bridal bouquet from Kate Said Yes Weddings is absolutely gorgeous. Filled with faux pastel pink and peach colored florals, this bouquet is a simple and elegant addition for your walk down the aisle.

  • This silk floral chandelier from The New Florist is a stunning feature to hang over the spot you say “I do”, or to hang over the dance floor and pull together the look of your wedding decor. Regardless of where you place it, it is sure to be a conversation piece with your guests.

  • This artificial flower ceiling and backdrop from Melbourne Event Florals are absolutely jaw-dropping, and definitely one of our favorite wedding decoration ideas! Using their silk flower arrangement, you can create the whimsical fairytale wonderland of your dreams, and set an ambience full of love and romance.

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  • The Faux Bouquets’ faux bridal bouquet is an extravagant piece we just can’t get enough of. It pairs especially well with a simpler wedding dress, and adds the cherry on top to your already grand entrance. Use this arrangement for yourself and create smaller versions for your bridesmaids to really pull together the look of your wedding party.

  • This planter filled with Ruby Reay Interiors’ arrangement is such an elegant accent for wedding decor. Beautifully seated on your table of place cards or sign-in book, your guests can be greeted with a little taste of what’s waiting for them in the reception hall.

  • At Secret Blooms Sydney, they are are making a serious statement with this faux magnolia bouquet! Check out their Instagram for this silk flower arrangement and other faux floral inspiration.

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And that wraps up our list! We hope you found these wedding silk flower arrangements as inspiring as we did, and that your wedding is the best, most memorable day of your life!

This article is contributed by Bloomr.

On Trend: Succulents – Bloomr

This article is contributed by Bloomr.

Succulents are all the rage these days. They adorn spaces far beyond their native desert surroundings. You find them at weddings, as bouquet and table arrangements and favors, on Pinterest style plant walls in trendy art spaces and any and everywhere as modern urban decor.

We know and love succulents for their rich colored fleshy leaves, dynamic shapes and relatively low maintenance. They survive in dry environments so can adapt well to indoor climates and don’t need too much direct sunlight. Not to mention, they look great as stand alones or potted in groups!

This isn’t to say indoor succulents can’t be tempermental. They need water, but not too much water. And sunlight, but not too much. They can attract unwelcome insects, and as they deteriorate they give off an unpleasant odor.

Artificial succulents are even more NO maintenance – without the small or pests – and look just as fabulous! Faux succulents like our chic potted agave in a modern concrete pot can decorate a side table or act as a centerpiece. Mixed modern arrangements combine artificial cacti and other succulent variations, great for an urban look and feel.

This article is contributed by Bloomr.

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